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This site is My Effort to Bring to you useful and important information regarding CBD [cannabidiol Its Oil] Hemp and Cannabis Extracts, utilized for consumption by Human and animals and delivering Well needed Health and Well being.


The Known Scope of Use of these Products are:

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  • CBD Drug and Marijuana .. about <Oils>
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  • Mild pain, anxiety, reduce inflammation & seizures <tincture >
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  • Animal Treats and Coat Wash < connect>
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  • Corona Virus Protection Masks <connect>
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  • Masks for Coronavirus <connect>
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  • Shampoo and Beautifiers < WIP>




This Site is Relatively Young and is still developing, i would kindly ask that you appreciate this and offer your support in a constructive way by honest comments or ideas as you find

Please Consider and report any failings or dissatisfaction you experience on your visit or experience, this will allow me to correct and make necessary valuable changes

The Comments Box below will suffice for this purpose, your information will not be used for any unwanted advertisement or 3rd Party use

Thank you in Advance


A Response about CBD tincture


  • Hello and thank you for the invite. I am currently using cbd oil tinctures to treat my epilepsy and it’s working. I pay $80 a bottle for 500mg in 30ml oil. I am always looking for reliable makers and cheaper prices as well as I wish to learn how to make my own. So any new tips and info would be greatly appreciated. Any questions in regard to treating my epilepsy and how it’s working for me are also welcome!

Taylor Lee



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