Personal Trainer Home Training

Personal Trainer Home Training

No Doubt about it, Setting Targets and Maintaining Fitness is not for the flighty Types

To arrange schedules, allocate time evening or Morning, being your Sole responsibility and Personal Trainer Home Training you have to engage, this takes conviction and {PMA} Positive mental attitude, I wouldn’t say I am at the level I ought to be, but unless something really puts a spanner in the works, I somehow remain a constant, it’s not bragging, but it’s that word Commitment, I believe that the better good and feel I gain from this Conviction is worth every ounce of pain and application



How many weeks, months, years have you spent in Gymnasiums, Seen and felt improvement, then a short time later, It all disappears?

My experiences reflect that exactly, redirecting my energies to X-Country running, hiking, Cycling, Sprinting, Kayaking?  No matter what anyone says it is not easy doing any sport even if you are a professional or addicted to the embued form from your efforts. It takes hard work, determination, perseverance, an organized and consistent mindset, Sports is one thing, Keeping Long term fitness is another, when you achieve some or all of these attributes then you gain the benefit and outcome of your expectations.

Initial Thoughts

I have had many years to be part of the very thing that most people have faced with training and fitness. Effort! What’s the deal! I walk to work every day, that’s enough! No time! Family! holidays swimming will make up for that lost time!

What’s the Hype about fitness: better blood circulation, Principle effectiveness, fat, and impurities reduction, feel-good factor, and better quality of life!

So What! Your health is 1st on your Importance factor yes? maybe you prefer to be, short of breath, obese, pinch more than an inch of fat, perspire profusely getting around, watch but can’t take part for lack of confidence or unable to physically

Gym Cost: Agreed it’s horrendous, and never an agreeable time or reason to fork out cash! fancy people in tight shorts and cheesy smiles selling you everything or upgrading push!

Don’t Have Time: This is the biggest fall, seems must do things for life, eating, work, travel, kids, and family, time is tight, I Can empathize with all this, as a father of 2 teenagers


What Options Do I have?

  • Remove Your GYM Costs and Membership fees
  • Allow 20 min Twice Per week [Your Space]
  • Start, Continue, be consistent [no excuses] = [big gain]

Meet My (Indoor) Fitness, Buddies






Trainers 1: <<simple practical low cost>>>

Trainers 2: << simple low cost>>


Ball Reflexor: Eye & Hand co-ordination~

The Ball reflex and agility Gear is a simple cheap and high development sports kit

Anyone can work out with this equipment, at home outdoors or in the garden, it is a perfect workout for fat loss and trimming or toning, eye-to-hand coordination, and sharpness accelerator.

A Perfect Alternative to a static exercise regime especially at home or confined areas, I totally love this basic and spot-on Device exerciser

Monitor Watch: keeps you in the know! ~

Always be aware of your body stats, energy level, and when to apply informed changes well in advance



Believe it or not: Simple things offer the happiest and longer-lasting Experiences


I have watched Toddlers and their Christmas or birthday party groups. These young children are given a perfectly beautiful toy in a box and upon opening it they play with the toy for a brief time then resort back to playing with great interest with the box



I have wholeheartedly Adopted: that simple approach to fitness and exercising

Having tried Gyms in the UK, USA, GIBRALTAR, OZ, UKRAINE, CHINA. Over my entire life.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed them, they developed my mind and passion in the fitness regime but as time goes on I found focus was ebbing, women, sex and sexuality are also distracting, and nothing would distract me during my workout, for my longevity!


I Still Prefer Variety and less obvious aspects in personal training, The ones that actually work, you see results. The proof of the pudding is in the eating right?


Today’s Starter

After a Solid sleep [going to bed before 23.00 Recommended by Doctors for Maxing your quality of sleep and Bio Rythyms]

Body Biorhythms
Body Biorhythms

I Woke earlier than expected today, for no particular reason other than my sleep routine and quality was the key to this remarkable invigorating morning Ahead.

Would you Believe A 2 Minute Immune Boost before Bed helps With Fat loss?

———————— Read more Here



Kicking off with laundry in the washer before Breakfast, 1st Plan of action Preparing 20 grams Seabuckthorn [great for blood pressure symptoms and skin quality], banana [sliced] oatmeal from Australia [excellent quality quick make] fresh milk, Full glass of Orange juice…..Nice!  Microwaved and ready to go, every morning I  eat something light allowing protein for morning exercises, But sometimes that doesn’t happen it’s called life.



  • Break Down

20th Floor south-facing toward the Mountain and overlooking the local homes below is a sight to energize anyone, not PMA positive mental attitude [if you already didn’t have one

A comfortable cool gusto of wind was around and constantly keeping my body temperature at a Quo.


‘Mother Nature’

  • Warm-Up:

Breathing in and out with equal attention and time-lapses 5 – 10mins

  1. Start with gently stretching as I experience here to practice in parks and social communal  areas[ hands, shoulder, legs, side-bends, standing speed run
  2. Divers position: slowly easing down hang in there 5 mins and equally slowly rising up
  3. legs shoulder-width apart, squats [breath out down/ inhale Up]
  4. Elevated leg raise stretch on chair/ railing/ left then right leg [no bouncing]
  5. windmill arm rotation together and /or separate [slow] and reverse
  6. Side bends [straight posture, legs shoulder apart, extend all the way, and hold
  7. Overhead stretched [shoulder & inferior lats] with room structure/ bar/ledge
  8. Balcony doors standing chest stretch extensions/ lean body away from hands
  9. Press-ups 3 types, narrow, wider, widest hands apart
  10. Quads squat standing and laying side lifting squats
  11. Calves raise [tip toes slow both directions up and down]
  12. Chair reverse chest Press [2 types] hands close to the body and wider to body
  13. Standing Stomach core extension and relaxing, inhale, hold, focus on the stomach
  14. Burpees, kick back together, [back horizontal straight not curved]
  15. On the Back, Legs in the air, support lower back- Cycling rotate legs


Cool Down Shower: Cool Down 10 mins: Total 1hr

A warm shower, gradually changing to cooler to return to a comfortable level that balances well with the warm room temperature [don’t want muscle contracting too fast]

Drink More:

  • Water, Fresh Fruit Juice
  • Chinese flower or Green, Oolong tea [detoxes, maintain blood pressure stability]
  • Mixed fruit assortment [protein and vitamin slow]
  •  protein drink/ fresh fruit drink


Use of Supplements

Fine, fill the tank when needed, if you feel tired or lethargic after exercise, first of all I suggest a check-up with your doctor if this symptom persists.

  • Whey Protein
  • Booster Energy drinks
  • Minerals and vitamins

Using any of these is a sign that your body is not receiving what should naturally be in your diet check this and gauge where you may miss out



Whey Protein Isolate Blend | Blue Label Whey (Double Chocolate) | 1.82KG (60 Servings) | Optimum Formulation | High-Quality Grass Fed Whey

| ROS Nutrition


  • GREAT TASTING – One of the smoothest whey protein isolate blends designed
  • to taste amazing and mix effortlessly. Don’t settle for poor-tasting protein anymore.
  • ISOLATE AS PRIMARY SOURCE: Unlike many other brands our Blue Label
  • Whey uses more isolate than concentrate.
  • COMPLETE NUTRITION – 25.2g Protein, 1.1g Fat, 1.4g Carbs, and 6.2g BCAA per serving.
  • CONVENIENT NUTRITION – Great for a quick boost of protein on the go in a shake
  • or smoothie, delivering 25.2g of complete whey protein per serving as well as valuable vitamins,
  • minerals.
  • OPTIMAL PROFILE – Designed to provide an optimum level Amino Acid profile
  • throughout carefully developed protein blend to improve performance, taste, and texture.

———————-> builds mass and energy levels>>



Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder Muscle Building Supplements with Glutamine and Amino Acids, Double Rich Chocolate, 29 Servings, 900

Flavor: Double Rich Chocolate

Size:891g -908 g

  • The world’s no 1 best-selling* instant whey protein powder for over 20 years,
  • catering to those looking for support before, during, and/or after their workout
  • Fast-absorbing whey protein with whey protein isolate as the key ingredient
  • helps build muscle and helps with muscle recovery
  • Contains naturally occurring BCAAs and glutamine
  • Low in sugar and fat
  • Available in a variety of flavors – ideal for mixing in with your favorite meals
  • and drinks of the day
  • *Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Health 2019 Edition;
  • Sports Protein Powder Category; Percent Retail Value Share; 2018 data

—————————I used to support my jogging >>>


XTEND Original BCAA Powder Blue Raspberry | Sugar-Free Branched Chain Amino Acids Supplement with Electrolytes for Recovery & Hydration | 7g BCAAs for Men & Women | 30 Servings

  • Manufactured in EU at Certified GMP Facility
  • 7g of BCAAs Per Serving
  • 2.5g of Added Glutamine
  • 1g Citrulline Malate
  • Added Electrolytes

—————-> delicious Post-workout >>


Well, your system adjusts to what you give it. This being the case, it will become reliant and not produce its own supply.


Press-ups, squats, stomach compression, shoulder pull-ups, shoulder press, Burpees, Planks are some difficult workout areas I know, I am never in the mood to face them, but I aim for my comfort zone, each day, when I reach that, I add 5% – 10% more minim each time

  • It’s not a Competition or Power Workout

Enjoy it with achievement levels, engage your interest to a goal end, let’s keep your form and mental awareness intact.



 [My Way]

Computer ‘On’ ready and away we go!

Check social media and replies 1hr – 1:30 Max

Inspired and informed I begin my writing/ blogging/ editing/ SCO site visibility and speeds, etc.

A list is super important as I get distracted during any process and time flies by without achieving my goals that day

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  • Before you go!

It’s a pleasure to share my simple yet effective routine and ideas on what I have done since leaving the armed forces

Three decades ago I have been lucky to have the mindset then attitude to appreciate what health I have, what is super important in life, a top priority that is not negotiable After all Lose that and I have nothing!

Home confinement is not what we in the West see or accept as normal or necessary, we are very social and it goes against the grain of our society, however my life, your life depends on it



Exercise need not be an Everyday occurrence, instead of spreading the load over a 7 days period, I do Monday, Wed, Friday. If I miss one, I add it to the weekend.

All these excessive advertisements, promotions, and exaggerated ways to gain a fit mind and body are fine, but simple works every time

Just understand, apply, find your comfort sweet spot then push one level higher

If you feel a need to contact me and discuss anything on my site or this topic I Am here and available




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