Making Money at Home Online

Making Money from Home Online

How to survive, Thrive even Grow and Scale your Business while Working Remotely

Recession is only a heartbeat away according to recent markets feedback

Working from Home Online

Model and thinking. Here’s how to do it successfully.


working from home

As we continue to hold on to some sanity of life the coronavirus continues to demoralize the Business Arena and stock markets are feeling an enormous hit.

Global economic growth and setbacks, Social functions continue to depreciate, Ladies and gents, we are On the verge of an Unwanted pitfall a recession Period.

Remote work and adapting to this trend by Employers [ who would otherwise scratch their heads contemplating its benefits], are thrown kicking and struggling into this melee’ applying this method of work and workforce has two crucial points


  • To both keep in the market and stay alive,
  • Also, maintain competitive visibility and pay their


  • Employees: Making Money, Home Online

This is the test of perseverance, adaptability, transitional and alternatives in business remodeling, Admittedly this isn’t a piece of cake by any means more acrobatic maneuvering and redesigning of your previous business model

The benefits for those that can achieve this change-over and ride out the storm of Significant troubled times, will come out with their heads held high and confident that they can take on anything else the world throws at them.

This is a battle and though it seems lost and impossible to many businesses, The Will and strong hand or team can find a path to calmer waters, thriving in difficult situations and growing afterwards is  where we all want to be


An Effective New Model for remote Workforce

It has always been on the cards, just not implemented as a genuine option for various reasons,

However, rules first need to be achieved, These objectives you need to meet to ensure your business operates efficiently in a remote model.


  • Personal Welling and Rest Breaks at home
  • Staff Reporting and individual management
  • Effective Daily communication
  • Company assets and Security in Paramount
  • Staff productivity Levels, structured workflow




Fear of the Virus on family and friends will be a concern, Cov-19 will also Plant a seed of doubt on many Employees on the Shape of things with the company and its ability to provide for their future under these circumstances



Positive attitude and activities:

Safety, assurances and more than a number will attach a sense of worth and confidence delivering better-working attitudes and efficiency

Perhaps even inspiring ideas for the betterment of the company its new status model and longevity

A positive approach to all emails and content, creating a ‘Heart of the Company” and its constantly developing status in this alternative model

As an owner or manager, your balance and vibes must be flawless never wavering but listening, observing and changing as situations arise, Keeping Cool and focused.



working from home
working from home



This is exciting and can gradually become lonely remember office work is a social event for many women and men, the natural interactions between the opposite gender and Socializing and interlacing constantly are like a drug to most people

A sudden change of that natural human requirement will kick in and needs a substitute, one is to have a Social group

[Work group] coffee and tea breaks in a video community will ease the pressure and redirect in an office like scenario, and offer relaxing humor, discussions on work, and each person’s version of the alternative model

This has another benefit of seeing a trend earlier and development of the ”newfound work ethic” firsthand.

This community can also have participants’ views on how to improve this interaction in a more effective way


Project Group Tools

Are a must achieve fluid collaboration and exchanges within groups:

Whats-app, Google Hangouts, Skype, Slack


Project Management may include:


Team Collaboration may include:

Communications tools that offer VoIP, video conferencing, team messaging and, where needed, internet fax.


working from home
software options


This can keep your team communicating over multiple channels so even though they’re dispersed they’re still connected and ‘present’.

Collaboration tools include file sharing, real-time document editing, integration with other business apps such as CRM or project management tools, and calendar sharing.

Unified communications (UC) solutions include all this functionality on one platform, making communicating and collaborating much simpler for employees.

Paying a single provider instead of juggling multiple vendor contracts makes it much easier and cheaper to manage.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) providing your employees secure access to files, so they can share and collaborate on your private data and intellectual property safely


Data Security is Crucial and Imperative

Set up your systems to use virtual private networking [now that you are not using the intranet]:



mind set and attitude
mindset and attitude


Where a possible look at removing overheads as the company premises is no longer in use other than computers or a warehouse.


If you can have your servers also remotely hosted by a third party, perhaps without your own I. T crew. Change premises or scale down the office to streamline costs if possible.


happier employee
effective, cheerful team member

It also minimizes their costs are also, travel cards, fuel, car, time lost in transit, eating out lunchtimes. All of us have some kind of debt so this can be a lifesaver and re-channeling of that cost.


This is your bread and butter clients when the recession hits, it is paramount to reinforce and communicate, remember that they too are in the same boat as you in this tough time ahead.

Empathize and assure that their best interest is also yours, arrange, communicate and connect, show support verbally you’re understanding of what your position is with their business to assist throughout the tough crisis to be faced


To thrive these basic, simplified guidelines can be part of a bigger approach of surviving with the best chances that your business will have in these uncertain conditions.

There is more scaling for bigger companies and complicated business, it aims this at smaller concerns, but we require similar principles and modeling


Preparation is Key by implementing a safety-net contingency plan. Practical measures need to start ASAP, Companies large, medium, or small cannot afford to miss the boat.

This Extreme shift of Strategy in a big way is going to redefine how we perceive the workplace, work and like a science movie we are catapulted into the Unknown, not by choice

But this is the beginning of a new generation of practice and Ethics working remotely from home

I See Opportunities, dynamism, improvisation, and application on the world stage, one that really sets new standards and efficiency for employee and employer and successful longevity

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working from home online


Chris in China

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