How About Cooking with CBD Oil

CBD Cooking:

Superfood Recipes Using Soluble CBD Powder/Oil

CBD Brings a New Generation and healthy benefits to eating and drinking and now you can take it like any other superfood without the High of THC as in Marijuana…. see more choices ===>here>>>>

From Cakes, Cookies, Bread, Donuts to coffee, smoothies, yogurt, gummies, teas, snacks and sweeteners, CBD fits the Bill. This incredibly versatile product even offers pain relief, insomnia suppression, MS treatment, Skin and Beauty enhancement remedies.

I Am a Long Term Sufferer of backache and sciatica pain after as skiing unfortunate Fall

I Came to Simply Accept that was my lot and i must work it as age progresses, i am in my 50 something, and only a year ago i was on a train from France to Bluewater in UK with another passenger describing CBD and its properties, he also suffered but from insomnia

I Became Immediately Fired-up, Intrigued by his excitement and optimism and clear happy mood of how his sleeping was improved significantly 6 weeks previously after taking CBD full spectrum and broad spectrum oils, cooking and inducing it into his daily eating schedules, coffee, tea, cakes and gummies. His family apparently are reveling in his new found energy and general condition using this surprise natural ingredient.


I Took Huge Leap of Faith on this Unknown Journey and what i see to also begin on this trail of recovery, i without a shadow of a doubt feel improvements in my current posturing, early morning getting out of bed, ability to endure jogging and Taijie for longer periods and with considerable energy and satisfaction.

This is Proof Enough For Me it Works: if broken why not fix it instead of making do and adapting to long term discomfort!

I Personally Have Breakfast Cereals, broth and tea with lemon, it doesn’t fee intrusive or unpleasant and most importantly my sex life is not impaired as before, what else do i need to say on this, favorable price compared to drinking beer or smoking, i know what i would choose as my Psychological and positive Sanctuary


Honey blueberry nuts cereals with cbd

My Experience is Real and i wanted to share it with you if you have health or injuries, takt the time to review, consider and decide.

Have a Look at some of the products We eat enjoy, better still feeling Energized in the process knowing it is  improving our wellbeing.


Edibles CBD Treats

I have Recipies for you to discover how easy it actually is to Home DIY to your taste, style and choices the specially recommended Amazon books i personally and my family have frequently used in our home.

My Kids Want a Piece of the Action to get involved:
We Race down the Stairs to see who GETS Control the Kitchen, in making cookies, jellies, Cakes, tea and coffee, after all i have to drive them around more in Europe and England, Scotland and Wales

Oo a defunct Dad is a Setback right? ===> discover more here>>>> 



Eating Correctly, providing quality and balanced diet to the family is essential, i wouldn’t have it any other way, as i understand the benefits that it offers, we can’t rely on labels on products only or what Gm foods was one to remember. The future of our kids depends on what we educate and inspire in them, reading and considering what is best in their lives once they fly the nest.


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