Cbd Oil and Benefits

CBD, Cannabis and Hemp Awareness

Our Bodies: Did You Know?

Inside of every human is a world population of bacteria, up to 1,000 variety of species in live in the gut exists, from fungi, protozoa, and viruses.

Cumulatively, the microbiome parallels in cells as the human body and at micro levels encodes 100 times more genetic material than the human genome. This realization and knowledge defines that the microbiome is a key player in human health.

What is Microbiome? What’s its Purpose.

As a Key player, Affecting just about everything, from moods to metabolism.

Microbiota inside the gut {a tube links our esophagus through the intestines to the anus} It’s importance is a significant role player in human disease.

Breakdown or deficiencies in this system, known as the gastrointestinal or digestive tract, have been associated with obesity, cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Test Have Shown :

”THC alters the microbiome in the gut in a way that’s beneficial in suppressing inflammation because bacteria that are favored by THC seem to produce short-chain fatty acids that suppress inflammation.”

Cannabis and Health in our Gut

In 2018, researchers used archived anal swabs to assess the microbiomes of HIV-positive individuals. They found that cannabis use was associated with decreased abundance of two strains of bacteria linked to obesity.


Cbd ”Making it Palatable”

CBD it seems carries a variety or taste from brands and manufacturers, This may be a tricky business to consume, especially kids, if the tastes resembles medicines of past then as the song goes ”a spoonful of sugar/ honey” comes into play, a cool way to get round it is by way of gummy sweets.

Keeping fit across the age groups, is never more important, Many are feeling that a measure of childish curiosity, impulsive interest and compulsion to try out new things, well outside of our comfort zones

Citizens from 30, 40, 50 are taking to sporting and more activities that previously would raise eyebrows due to age stereotyping and abilities, yet here we are throwing caution to the wind.

From Skateboarding, surfing, Cycling off-road, mountain climbing, extreme sports, skydiving, banger racing and glider training, the race is on to achieve more in life!

It may be assumed that coronavirus has brought a realization to what our lives really is worth and its values, to live it to the full, exercise our god given rights,

Test the limits of abilities and endurance, this awareness is heightened by other factors of course, in conjunction with eating habits during containment periods, self preservation has lent itself to self ‘ability’ expression in a bigger way too!

More People Sliding to CBD as Applications Grows.

Why is this?

It is common knowledge that, medical cannabis products are used for the treatment of various chronic conditions namely cancer, arthritis, neurological conditions, such as anxiety, depression, epilepsy, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease conditions.

Growth Anticipation of this wider scope of application, will inevitably further expand the target demographic of the market.

Though it is recommended that prior to use of cbd all subscribers should consult their physician, It has to be noted that Following recent evaluation of CBD on the market

Substantial growth in demand for cannabidiol (CBD) products globally is confirmation itself during recent years

Specifically in Countries

The Netherlands, U.S., France, Canada these develop countries with the resources and demand.

What Is CBD Flowers?[Aka Hemp flower]

With information readily available on the internet, many of you know about CBD, however what actually is the term ”CBD flowers”?. Honestly speaking, CBD flowers, better referred to as Hemp flowers, describes the gender part of female Hemp plant called bud, or Hemp bud.

When the Hemp plant reaches its mature blooming season (or flowering) stage, the terpenes that provide Hemp odour are secreted by the Hemp flower and through the leaves.

Trend or Sustained?

While This may just be a trend, an offspring of the mainstream stuff, but acts as a great effective Body and mind relaxant. cbd-h-f leverages another ‘flavour’ to the table of health and natural ingredients.

Questions and Confusion

With all these discussions and prescribing you must be getting all muddled in the middle?

So does the question of which is better leap out your head?

CBD Flowers v CBD Oil

The Bottom line

Those who prefer CBD flowers, or CBD buds, state that they are possibly more effective in remedying certain ailments since they contain a greater variety of Hemp compounds giving rise to longer-lasting beneficial effects.

CBD flowers are obtained through the processing of industrial Hemp plants which collectively harness beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids that typically aren’t found within CBD oil.

Tinctures and Capsules

If however you’re looking for purer and cleaner options CBD T&C is your saviour with focused relief We think the CBD flower market is a trend and will give way to the more concentrated forms. Like an Omega-3 for the body and mind.



We believe every one of us deserves equal access to fact-based news, analysis and real time Updates after all it’s about having a better life that is removed from sickness and pains

As the dominant medicine and supplement it is likely to be a sustained commodity for years to come.

Watch this Space Folks!


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