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What is Artificial Intelligence, How does It Benefit Mankind,Why do we need it?

INNOVATING COMPANY: X.AI This Man in my humble view has broken the boundaries and norms in AI technology and theology and Perception. His Viewpoint so far and strategies in this subject is in my estimation both Holistic and unrivaled, He is Meticulous and perhaps Driven in his Passion when on the topic and Subject Matter […]

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  Cooking with CBD: Superfood Recipes Using Soluble CBD Oil & Powder CBD The New Generation and popular healthy alternative coupled with amazing benefits for the Body when eaten and drinking. The application,Uses and resources are readily available and mass produced or organically and privately grown. This is a Landmark of the new development and awareness of […]

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Good News, 2 Facts CBD Oil a By-Product of Marijuana,Hemp has no ‘High’ or Addiction Downside Features

A Life of Positive and Healthy Optimism CBD, Organics, Natural Herbs, Balms, Tinctures and Earthly Remedies   CBD FACTS NO: ADDICTIVE ATTRIBUTES NO: ELATION ”HIGH FEELING”   UK CBD Scene: CBD Oil Can be Deemed a food supplement and purchased and used widely across the spectrum of applications in specific shops online e-commerce and bricks and […]