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What is Artificial Intelligence, How does It Benefit Mankind,Why do we need it?

INNOVATING COMPANY: X.AI This Man in my humble view has broken the boundaries and norms in AI technology and theology and Perception. His Viewpoint so far and strategies in this subject is in my estimation both Holistic and unrivaled, He is Meticulous and perhaps Driven in his Passion when on the topic and Subject Matter […]

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Start a New Business, R.I.P The Past, Set Yourself Free!

R.I.P To Present Work, Hello! Independence, New Business and Lifestyle Ready to Start? FREE!?   Blogger,Affiliate writer and Traveler Expat in Asia   This Video is not pretty, glitzy, Jargon filled to confuse and win you.  No!  I take full responsibility for my words here, what it can do for you from my experiences and […]

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Unfortunate End to a Great Saturday Ride and Stroll, During China Coronavirus Restrictions

TO BE OR NOT TO BE   It Was a Late Lay-in after a Friday of Winds and a Chilly evening we were worn out, The plan was set to get up at the break of Sunrise and amble off to Central park to Jog for Two miles Well that was a Great Plan, However, […]

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Brazil’s Carolina Maria De Jesus: Born in Poverty becomes Acclaimed Writer’s with Diary and Novels

Carolina Maria De Jesus Born Brazil (14 March 1914[1] – 13 February 1977)   Carolina Maria de Jesus (14 March 1914[1] – 13 February 1977)[2] was a Brazilian writer who lived most of her life in a favela (slums) of São Paulo, Brazil. She is best known for her diary, which was first published as […]