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Start a New Business, R.I.P The Past, Set Yourself Free!

R.I.P To Present Work, Hello! Independence, New Business and Lifestyle Ready to Start? FREE!   Blogger,Affiliate writer and Traveler Expat in Asia   This Video is not pretty, glitzy, Jargon filled to confuse and win you.  No!  I take full responsibility for my words here, what it can do for you from my experiences and […]

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Unfortunate End to a Great Saturday Ride and Stroll, During China Coronavirus Restrictions

TO BE OR NOT TO BE   It Was a Late Lay-in after a Friday of Winds and a Chilly evening we were worn out, The plan was set to get up at the break of Sunrise and amble off to Central park to Jog for Two miles Well that was a Great Plan, However, […]

CBD Science and Synergy Lets Talk CBD-Oils-Cannabididol-Hemp-Marijuana


  Cooking with CBD: Superfood Recipes Using Soluble CBD Oil & Powder CBD The New Generation and popular healthy alternative coupled with amazing benefits for the Body when eaten and drinking. The application,Uses and resources are readily available and mass produced or organically and privately grown. This is a Landmark of the new development and awareness of […]

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Brazil’s Carolina Maria De Jesus: Born in Poverty becomes Acclaimed Writer’s with Diary and Novels

Carolina Maria De Jesus Born Brazil (14 March 1914[1] – 13 February 1977)   Carolina Maria de Jesus (14 March 1914[1] – 13 February 1977)[2] was a Brazilian writer who lived most of her life in a favela (slums) of São Paulo, Brazil. She is best known for her diary, which was first published as […]

Corona Virus Feb 3rd RESPIRATOR AND MASKS AGAINST VIRUS World Organization Virus Concerns

World Breaking News Update on Coronavirus and Possible Cause

DID YOU ALSO KNOW!     UPDATE ON CORONAVIRUS: BATS BEING CONSUMED   Recent research suggests strongly that ONE of the causes of the Virus corona is due to eating #BATS in #Wuhan, where also the majority of #deaths HAS #RISEN to #1200 has happened.#   TECHNOLOGICAL TESTERS New Designed Virus Testers     New testing machines are deployed to help pinpoint and contain […]

Corona Virus Feb 3rd RESPIRATOR AND MASKS AGAINST VIRUS World Organization Virus Concerns

5 Best Airborne Infection,Germ and Flu Face Masks to Reduce Risk and Protect Family

The World is entering a new age of super disease and infectious germs. Ones that kills without mercy or Boundaries. SARS/ MERS/ AVIAN FLU/ INFLUENZA / H1N1/ SPANISH FLU/ SWINE FLU [OUTBREAK 2009] The new on the stage virus is called  CORONA, Though the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Reports and believe it is not likely to […]

Corona Virus Feb 3rd

Coronavirus Wuhan in Hubei Fights Back with Fast Process Hospitals

Wuhan in hubei Province is Noted for its unfortunate recent Corona Virus Outbreak Currently more than 9,000 people have been infected globally, death in China stands at 213 people ANNOUNCEMENTS IN PARKS AND RECREATIONAL AREAS   This in reality could have happened anywhere else in China. The circumstance and environment may have added to the […]

World Organization Virus Concerns

World Virus Warning CORONA STRAIN from China in Europe and USA

CoronaVirus Declared A Global Health Emergency By W-H-O   CORONA VIRUS The recent discovery and Global awareness for this Corona Virus has given the world organization a headache, why? well after research on preparations in countries globally it was discovered that they were all short of a completed and resolution to manage, restrain and contain […]

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WELCOME TO ABCOFCBDOIL   This site is My Effort to Bring to you useful and important information regarding CBD [cannabidiol Its Oil] Hemp and Cannabis Extracts, utilized for consumption by Human and animals and delivering Well needed Health and Well being.   TOPICS: HOME PAGE< read> CBD Drug and Marijuana .. about <Oils> Full spectrum […]

CBD Science and Synergy

Natural Synergy CBD’s Road Map and Science of the Drug

THE CANNABIS PLANT   The Cannabis Plant produces Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and other chemical compounds In its natural Cycle or life this effectively serves as a service for different functions within the plant.   These Functions Include regulatory properties, potent antioxidants, and protection from microbes and insects. As Natures Cycle it can be understood that all […]