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New Niche’ ~New Ideas and Passion

I For the Records have Blogged on https://chinese4idiots.com my first blog and still running, however, I needed another area of inspiration. I came like a bolt of lightning after a friendly chat with a Blogger friend of mine. This was truly something that resonates well with me


Healthy, Fitness, Well-being, Long life, Happy Relationships, and My Dog Leo

Purchased in China now Doing his thing in UK east Sussex, So after researching and a sense of Purpose with this Niche’ I felt empowered and fired up all over again.

Let me be clear about this Niche’, I see real values, ethics, and the ability to provide content to help others wanting to appreciate what they read and apply it to their lives


My Story

My Direction change came from a simple yet important situation I encountered,

Born with a wooden spoon in my mouth, flew from Brazil to the UK on Christmas Eve to see my parents making the best of the little they had to Share. Seeing that without hope application and perseverance nothing will arise.

I Was Determined to not stay poor, writing from one day to another with a set budget, waiting for a pay-rise to make changes to my lifestyle.

No, It Was Time to try what seems like new Roads, do what I wanted in this niche; learn the markets, writing using my experiences. By nature and character, I consider myself outgoing, so this totally suits my core values and direction of interests and goals

I Can’t-Wait to get more heavily involved and sooner than later I Wish to Impart this by reading my blogs, you will find  useful and practical insights that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE


Why a Niche?

It really is a special interest or passion, I don’t like easy, I don’t want comfort zones, I do want to offer my own experiences, see if it works for you. Many of you want Change no doubt on that, changes and lifestyle that gives interesting and healthier lifestyle, I wanted that.

If You are in a Quandary about work: finances, why not consider your own business, I did and I haven’t looked back since, and when you reach or achieve what you want then what a feeling that will be.

If You Don’t, what a feeling that will also be, putting your all into it anyway and realizing the journey you have taken to that point that may well prepare you for other things you had no opportunity to have had


This Website’s Purpose and Aim

This Website is Designed: To help you to better Understand Principles, Applications, Benefits, Relief, Longevity, and Real standpoint on CBD oils as I understand, supporting authenticated reviews, Professional Bodies Recommendations, and Facts

News Updates: Pros and Cons as it happens, nothing is perfect and CBD/ Hemp/Cannabidiol/Cannabis/Marijuana extracts are no Exception to this Fact of Life

My Penultimate Goal: To relegate and support appreciation of CBD, Practices, Uses, and legitimacy of the new natural drug as time progresses.

This Market Cure: A drug that brings real relief to Ailments, Sickness, Pains, and Insomnia, and more. Healthy Foods Snacks and Drinks.

None Addictive Yet Powerful: In natural ingredients to put life into Living, give back the real benefits many have lost in their lives, give hope and a safe heaven to mental, physical, and unwanted human failings worldwide.

I Don’t Preach: To know it all but I am researching continuously, this incredible product and its longevity in future use and applications. It is what my site will be primarily focused on and herbal delights.

News and updates: This Will be posted ASAP on its merits and its failings, I’d rather be educated to make important decisions and choices as I expect you to.

I Have Been Fortunate: In many ways, some by chance, luck, but guidance and sheer perseverance and optimism got me where I am today, It’s all about choices I made, trials and all.



Internet Marketing: Finally becoming my mainstay these past 12 months, beginning in the USA, UK, and finally China where I am currently residing as an Expat.

Marketing Takes Plan, Time, and Effort: With luck and passion, most people can achieve status in this niche’ or area of work, writing, eCommerce, or travel documentaries, and make a Great Living from this Trade.

I Love Travel: Freedom to do so comes hand in hand with finances to support what can be better?  and from anywhere with the internet to continue my work writing blogs and of course affiliate marketing


Why Discuss?

Simply to express how You can as I have, gain Independence in the real meaning of that word, A Lifestyle from applying and developing Your Personal skills, creativity and Passion.

This WILL allow you the reality and Eureka feeling through financial and Social Freedom. My Aim: showing you how to achieve the goal No obligation: Start and Develop Your New Exciting Business.


  • Yes, it’s within Your Reach.
  • My concern is how much you want to run with this
  • Apply your Creativity, Aspirations & Character
  • Ready to Relinquish Old Ties and Routines for a Better Lifestyle
  • Make an Agreement w/YOURSELF to BRING changes


Create your Website in your First Day

Ready to Instantly Support and Promote your Niche’. In any of the following. etc. Ecommerce, b2b, Blog Writing, Export, Sales, Ebook or Music Reviews, Get immediate Working Support, Training & archives, Community, Marketing examples, live chat and Guidance from Experienced Entrepreneurs.


When it Works, You start achieving targets, traction for your efforts, positive reviews and feedback, perhaps even earlier revenue from reviews or your sale or products, You then consider a Premium account, If not walk away not paying anything, But knowing you learned new skills than you started off with?


    •  I Show You The Means The Tools
    • The Possibilities
    • You do the Rest


I can get a commission but: ONLY WHEN YOU FEEL READY TO SIGN UP TO PREMIUM. I see an investment of MY time in YOUR success. Once you are succeeding this will Benefit both You and Me. Who Knows How Long your Job is going to be around to support long term life, I’ve been there done that and I had no faith in the System.

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Chris Jones



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