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Coronavirus has sent Countries into Lockdown, the Global System is now Genuinely realizing the full impact of this Threat, And the poor Testing Finances has put lives at stake, we are facing Pandemic Proportions now and soon!

Recent Interview Dr McNeal

”Italy is making selective Life and death selection decisions as will other countries deciding who lives and who dies”

Containment is World Concern on Cov19 virus exposure, reducing the most dangerous period and ”Peak” of its contagious activity

We hate and run from it, we even fight ourselves to get supplies in shops to avoid being infected by it!

As this develops and spreads worldwide, epidemic, perhaps even pandemic proportions is possible?

THE Most Important thoughts are NOT getting infected, Staying alive and not being caught in the crossfire of going out socially and risking the Family’s Health

WE Need to Enclose ourselves in a kind of safety net as much as is humanly possible, this means that keeping our minds alert and wellbeing, activities to keep children and family members contented and focused in daily life.

Going Outside is still an option, but either staying close or keeping it singular where ever possible, But far the best option is to remain home especially over the PEAK Infectious Period,

So What To Do? In this situation, Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to give up daily workouts, keeping interests and an active lifestyle does it!

Fun Family Activities at Home and Garden

  • Make Forts out of cardboard boxes./Or Masks.
  • Start a Family Book Club

  • Create Self-Portraits

  • Get Cooking (Teach your kids an old family recipe)

  • Play Mad Libs.
  • Garden: trampoline, skipping, basketball, softball, badminton, football, Tag me, mat exercises, yoga, stretching and short sprints, sack race, cartwheeling, hula hoops, swimming tub [if you have one] barrow race, swings and slides, Handstand. egg and spoon race! Sack race! Plant Something.
  • Kick the Can: (Pass on touch football for something that puts everybody on fair competition, like boccia or croquet)

  • Make a time capsule: (Pile everything into an archival box)
  • Make Slime.
  • Colouring.
  • Decorate a Cake.
  • Play board Games/ Pictionary/ Monopoly/ draughts/word game
  • Relax at Family Movie night.
  • Play Charades
  • Make up a Song: start a family band?/ Sing Your Favourites.

  • A Scavenger Hunt: (Limit the territory to the backyard or the inside of the house)

  • ===> other options for adults>>
  • ===>  more for of the kids>>>

These EXERCISES will help to relieve the obvious boredom that will eventually occur.

I am fortunate to visit the park a few mins walk from the apartment in China

Be Vigilant and Recognise These Basic Notable Symptoms  (Continuous cough or high temperature) take action if arise

I Can’t Even imagine how each country is applying its own measures to contain, resolve or even maintaining social balance, however I do know that whatever country you Live, Be it rich or poor, The Threat is the Same:~



effects on interevention


High Risk groups

Much talk is Focusing and localizing on the Aged and those with Preconditions, However, the simple truth is this is a Killer Virus not Dissimilar to SARS/MERS OR SPANISH FLU.

THE infection is a human threat and once in the body will work the same fundamentally with all Hosts


china Origins of coronavirus

 In China Where I Reside as an expat, they automatically extend VISAS, to contain the cov19, However fear and concerns on how this cov19 has started.

It’s origins in Wuhan Hubei, still raises many questions not just for the word health organization, or critical point of views worldwide, but worst still AT HOME


Chinese doubts on gov actions


Yes, Chinese People have Doubts on the process, the recent questions as to the doctor [one of the Wuhan hospital doctors] she had taken measures to advise superiors and colleagues on this new infection may be hoping to get support and direction what options were available to contain what looked to her as a very danger to life.


WHY? accountability and secrecy


I Received further information [ via Chinese site and WeChat sources here] some discontent and doubts on the quelling of a professional who from Wuhan her concerns and educated prognosis on what has now become a world concern.

As I understand, lets say Dr Lee in this case, had approached colleagues to give rise to this problem she even escalated it to local government and disease control departments, but each took the stance that another department was to deal or hand down instructions on how to proceed.

China and Chinese attitude to things going wrong are unique, where heads fall, when problems arise and past the proverbial responsibility to another source or someone else is standard practice and commonplace.


This back and forth means more contagious levels and further deaths in Wuhan. This never got the recognized traction and urgency it should have and likely could have reduced the compounded effects we are facing now today.


the US AND THEM mentality

Abroad We Find that though awareness was right there for all to see with news and reports and critical interviews about China handling of the situation, we still see a poor management globally of what can eventually be an epidemic. or Pandemic

World People seem to show no real urgency in preparation, waiting for governments to direct them, and governments having a view of ‘over there and over here’ Attitude and disconnection outlook

Governments slow at responding and some even declaring a State of emergency, other head of state accept No Responsibility

Moving On we are now in the wringer, at home our very doorstep we have deaths and infections covering over 64 countries, and recently Africa reported its case.

WHO have put out information and publicized this virus for months yet here we are with nominal protection or at least preventative measures, mind-boggling!

RACE FOR A CUREvirus is that cure

But in the meantime we see a state of emergency in many countries, this means a restriction on social event, social interactions and clamp down or no travel policies, borders close and checks on everything in and out of countries

It has been several months now and most of us have families, older parents, cousins, we have friends that we would meet frequently, during weekends, holidays or evenings.


Self elected Quarantine

With This new social dysfunction and our smaller circles of interaction namely ”families”, it binds us to the activities and interests from within the so called ”safety of our homes”,

From Castle to Simple Huts and lifestyle, Schools are being closed, children, teens and university interns stuck at home. Restrictions will escalate to a point where they Can not play outside freely, What next?


broken routines

Activities games, computer TV it relegates sporting events to keep out the social arenas, So what do all these families find as an alternative?

  • Phone calls /Skype/ Online games
  • Movies and Historical Archives
  • News and updates
  • Animals and Pets walks


Normal Daily Health and pursuance of well-being, will Emergency Hospitalization, Dental appointments, what measures to arrange these.

USA: May focus primarily on Gyms and jogging, baseball, US football, Hockey, swimming

UK: Group cross-country, lanes and road jogging, hiking, camping, cycling, Rugby, Cricket, Football, squash

Europe: Switzerland, France, Germany, perhaps more skiing and cycling, climbing, squash

South-America: Football, basketball, softball, Latin Dancing, skipping


lets have some attitude


keep the Balance

A question we are asking ourselves

HOW SAFE IS IT? How to keep our perspective and Positive Mental Attitude

In the Main I recommend not to go out exposing health to higher Risks




  1. Home exercise and well-being seems to be the safest Passage.
  2. Yoga, Taiji, Home Gym, Garden activities privately
  3. Jogging in Quiet locations or country lanes [w/ masks]
  4. Seaside ”None hot spots” w/ masks]

Shopping, Perishables and Food Supplies

do it online reduce infectious risk

Online or Super markets Suppliers, Offers the perfect position to Provide and distribute to our demands faster

DO we ignore this option and charge to shops to become crazed shoppers, buying and stockpiling for eventualities?



Slowing the Spread of COV19 is Paramount, they warn people not to arrive at hospitals instead recommended, Instead, go online and report your case there UK

Global Readiness is now in the past, we are facing a pandemic, though earlier discussions with Authorities stated coronavirus would not reach pandemic Proportions

Schools in countries have not all applied closure but remain vigil on exposure and activities for students

It is Imperative that we continue to keep well being healthy and positive in our homes or Localities, strength comes from within, together with supporting families and friends, help them keep that mindset and interests in what is good in life

Protection Masks are still a Necessary Precaution and Protection Measure to act as an inhibitor so don’t leave home without It.

Seems we have a Tiresome Journey


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